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A small town with 7,200 inhabitants in the south-east of county Tolna, at the border between Sárköz and Baranya-hills. Hungarian king Géza II. settled Cistercians in Bátaszék in 1142, who built the first Cistercian monastery called Cikádor. The church ruins of the Cikádor monastery can be seen in the garden of the monumental Roman Catholic Church built in the centre in 1903. The neo-Gothic church with impressive decorations is famous for its 82,5 m high tower. The Regional Village Museum with Baroque decorations, which formerly was a Swabian cottage, presents the articles, clothes, tools used by Germans, Székelys and ethnic groups from Upper Northern Hungary living in the town. The friendly community hall of the building is suitable for receiving tourist groups. Next to the Comunity Centre you can find the nationally famous, rich Csanády private collection.

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