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In the heart of Göcsej, as the pearl of the region you can find Becsvölgye consisting of Kislengyel, Vargaszeg, Pajzsszeg, Barabásszeg, Salomfa, Vörösszeg and Kereseszeg. The bellfry of Salomfa was erected in Barabásszeg in 2001 and it was dedicated in the memory of the old Salom walls. The village is a popular destination of rural tourism, cyclists and hikers. It offers a wide range of programmes including drying plums, May festivals, a programme on Shrove Tuesday. The building of the mill in Kislengyel has been converted into a tourist hostel. The "Rákóczi oak tree" next to the Brook Salomfa is about 500 years old. An important sight is the 214-year-old Protestant Church, and the Roman Catholic church built in the 20th century. In the year of the millennium a village house was built, where the community can gather together, and it houses a regional information centre and a telehouse. The village is surrounded by large forests rich in game and mushrooms. It has a favourable location due to the closeness of Zalaegerszeg and Lenti.

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