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Bélapátfalva awaits you and your family with a wonderful mixture of architectural and natural beauties. Visitors are offered walks in the beautiful Bükk hills, hiking in the forests, relaxing on the shore of a beautiful lake at the foot of Bélkő hill or visiting the magnificent mediaeval abbey. Huge meadows await the lovers of sports and sunbathing. Barbecue sites are available where visitors can cook dishes in kettles and in a few minutes' walk you can even drink from the crystal clear, ice-cold water of Lóczy spring.
These wonders are offered to everyone!
Outstanding events: Concert on New Year's day (7 January 2006), 5th Arts Days of Bükk (29 July-6 August 2006), Patronal feast to Our Lady (13 August 2006), Days at the Lake Shore (19-20 August 2006).

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