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Town with almost 6,100 inhabitants, 21 km from Veszprém, 12 km from Balaton. The village was already known by the Romans by the name of Cimbriane. The findings in the vineyards on Öreghegy (Old Hill) also refer to this. They were uncovered in the first half of the 20th century. The first owner of the area was the church of Veszprém according to the documents from 1082. Because the settlement was first mentioned in this document its 920-year past has been counted since that time. Among the kings from the Árpád-House Géza II. visited this place several times. The Hungarian orders had their meeting here in 1532. In the Middle Ages it had the rank of town. The settlement could keep this rank until 1709. Its national fair was first mentioned in 1461. Important sight is the double-stonedeck church from the 13th century, similar to which can be found in Europe only in France; the cloister church in Montataire. These are the two monuments where the roofs were walled, they do not contain any wood. Significant programme is the events of Berhida Days which are connected to the patronal festival on Maria's day. An outstanding event of the Berhida Days in 2004 was the ceremony where Berhida was given the rank of town. The surrounding landscape and the nearby Lake Balaton offer a lot of possibilities for relaxation all year round.

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