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The Berzence-Góla border station on road, which is open for international traffic, makes the village the south-western gate of the country. The nearly 800-year-old records mention its several landlords, such as the Pécz, Bornemissza, Niczky and Festetics families. During the Turkish occupation it functioned as a district seat, at the end of the 18th century it was given the rank of market-town. Its public places are still well-kept, a large part of the village is green belt offering recreation, sports, playing facilities. In the parks you can find native deciduous trees, as well as evergreens and shrubs, and the village is decorated with groves full of flowers. The village has full-scale infrastructure, its schools, medical care and public education are well-organized. It was deservedly given the rank of town due to the preservation as well as the creation of traditions. Its economy is developing owing to the prospering companies and private businesses in the town.

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