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Bicsérd and Zók are ancient settlements near Pécs. In the centre of Bicsérd you can find the village house, which provides accommodation for 28 persons. The peaceful fishing lake in the middle of the village offers relaxation and recreation in beautiful environment. The playground suitable for playing sport and playing is an organic part of the lake shore. The square is closed by the work of art called "Mother earth".
Sights of the village include: the Roman Catholic monument Church and the Way of the Cross in the church garden, which was made by artist Elemér Soltra. The outdoor oratory in fifteen stations - with bronze plaques on stone columns - is the place for peace and meditation. Bicsérd has become famous for its arts camp and exhibitions. The love of arts is reflected in the works of art decorating the village. The folk applied arts and traditions have been preserved in the village. It finds it important to organize programmes preserving traditions such as the village day, the vintage and the potato festival.

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