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The village with 2,469 inhabitants 11 kms east from Szekszárd.It was inhabited already in the 1200s. It was first mentioned in documents as a royal estate by the name of Bogozlon in the 12th century. After the forests on the cathment area had been cleared the growing of hot pepper and paprika, the famous products of Bogyiszló, were started on this area. Bogyiszló is lying in a beautiful natural environment rich in forests and waters in the embrace of the Danube and Channel Sió, next to the Gemenc district of landscape conservation. In the direct vicinity of the village there is the habitat of the forest orchid, unique in Hungary, constituting a part of the Danube-Dráva National Park. Another uncommon natural beauty, regrettably on the brink of destruction, is the virgin oak-forest, lying between the village and the Danube, where rare specimens of oak-trees can be seen. The village has a rich tradition in cultivating folk art and folk customs, especially in the fields of folk dance and folk music. Forestry, fishing and hunting also have a long historic record.

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