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The resort village with 878 inhabitants lying in a varied natural environment 22 km northwest of Eger has been made a tourist centre by its medicinal water famous throughout the country.

The most important establishment is the Open-air Bath with 2 pools filled with medicinal water, a swimming pool, a pool for children and one of the longest - 136 m - giant water-slides of Central Europe. The commercially available medicinal water called SALVUS can be effectively used in a drinking cure for treating acute and chronic gastritis, over-acidity, and it can also cure or prevent stomach ulcer if it is used regularly. It can reduce the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. An inhalation cure with SALVUS can clean the respiratory system, and it can be used for curing acute and chronic inflammations of the respiratory system, and it helps with the regeneration of the vocal cords.

In the village a youth camp for 380 persons and a camping site for 100 persons can be found. It is worth visiting the church without a tower dating back to the age of Árpád, which was rebuilt in neo-Gothic and Baroque style. In 1999 the local council of the village opened the House of Handcrafts where traditions are preserved, articles and tools of peasants'life and our folk art heritage are exhibited permanently.

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