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Village with 330 inhabitants 16 km northwest of Kaposvár. Major part of the vicinity is a plainland with a middle hard ground, excellent for agricultural cultivation. In 1967 the village was annexed to Hetes, school-zones were determined for pupils. The former Pongrácz mansion in the centre is a monument building with conference rooms, a large kitchen, rooms on the upper floor and a chapel, the walls of which are decorated with frescoes. Tennis court and football field in operation in the park of the mansion. Since the systemic change the walkways have been completed almost everywhere in the village, and Csombárd received a new firemen's warehouse, too. The church is the most stately edifice of the village. The reception room is placed in the new Village House. The village has a library, a conference room and a cultural centre for 200 persons, too.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Csombárd
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