Village of about 1,800 inhabitants at the mouth of the picturesque Nosztori valley connecting Balaton with Veszprém, on a sunny slope from the lake to the hills. Grapes of the famous wine reminding us of the taste of almond are grown in the vineyards of red ground surrounding the village. This place had been popular among the Romans, too, this fact is supported by the several cellars and villas from the Roman age opened up on Kőkoporsó hill. The Hungarians settled down in this territory also dealt primarily with viniculture, besides this the production of water-mills built on the bank of Séd had been significant. At the time of the Turkish rule the villages of this area were almost completely destroyed, they were repopulated by colonists from Szeben county and from the Szerémség. Vineyards of Csopak were also destroyed because of the phylloxera epidemic, thereafter the famous "Italian riesling" grapes were domesticated here. Wonderful villas, vine-dresser's houses (in the vineyards) and mansions were built one after each other in the middle of the 19th century. One of the natural treasures of the village, the St. Joseph spring was worked up in 1934. Csopak provides several sights to its guests. The St. Stephen church of the Árpád age was burned down in 1830 because of a stroke of lightning. The remained Broken Tower ("Csonkatorony") has become the symbol of the village centre. Ruins of St. Nicholas church (13th century) of the former village Kövesd remained and can be visited in Kossuth Lajos street. One of the last water-mills of the area, built in 1910 and still in good operating condition, can be found at the valley under the Tower; an exhibition can also be visited in the water-mill. The modern Roman Catholic church was consecrated in 1985. Altar-piece and stations of the Cross provide artistic experience. The well standing in front of the entrance of the beach was built by the local municipality at the millennium of the marriage of St. Stephen and Blessed Gizella (1996). Valuable exhibitions of the fine arts in Csopak Gallery during the summer season. Ball opening the season is organized in Csopak at the parking place in front of the beach on the third Saturday of June. The Csopak Dance Ensemble has a performance at 18.30 each Friday in July and August. Csopak Days connected with Wine Weeks are organized from August 11th (open market, street ball, high level open-air evenings with organized programmes). World-famous treasure of Csopak is the wine. At the places for tourists and at the wine cellars up on the hills the Italian riesling, Pinot Gris and the new star wine, Chardonnay can be tasted. Pleasant excursion (along blue route sign) to the look-out tower of Csákány hill above the village. Red route sign leads to the neighbouring village Paloznak and the Királykút spring. Calvary hill at Veszprémfajsz offers a great view to its visitor.

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