It is the capital of Sárköz 150 km to the south of Budapest in the inundation area of the Danube. It was mentioned in documents as the estate of the Cistercian monastery founded by Géza II. in 1142. The Calvinist church was built in Gothic style by the Catholic people in the 15th century. The church was burnt several times, it got its present form after the renovation. The region has preserved the most colourful national costume of Hungarians and the traditions of peasant life and craftsmen: weaving, embroidery, bone-lace making, egg painting, fringe binding and threading of beads. The fringed embroidery of Sárköz, wich is rich in flower patterns with small piqué patterns, has reached a lot of places in the world. The Village House is the centre of preservation of traditions and knowledge of the region; there are several exhibitions in it.

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