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The village is situated along the brook Laskó, a few km from Eger. It has nearly 700 inhabitants. It includes Albert-manor and Vass-farm.
Demjén was one of the ancient properties of the Bishopric of Eger. It was first mentioned in records in 1331 under the name Demjén. According to the land register called Urbarium made between 1476 and 1486 it belonged to the castle of Szarvaskő owned by the bishopric. In 1552 the village was demolished by the Turks besieging the castle of Eger. It was resettled again between 1558 and 1564.

In the east of the village you can find a row of 304 wine cellars hollowed out in rhyolite tuff. The village is famous for its stone mining. The quarry used to be run by the Bishopric of Eger, today it is owned by entrepreneur József Rácz. In the outskirts of the village there are oil wells run by the Hungarian Oil Company MOL. Quality Champignons Ltd. is based in Albert-manor belonging to the village.

The famous thermal spring of Egerszalók is situated 1-1,5 km from the village. The establishment of infrastructure has been completed in the village. Much of the development is due to this fact. Tourism is developing in the village offering accommodation, as well. The large forest offers pleasant environment for the locals and the visitors.

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