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The settlement of 400 inhabitants lying in the circus of the Bükk hills, along the brook Eger was owned by the episcopate of Eger. A castle, a church, tunnels, rocks and lots of geological and botanical sights - that is Szarvaskő, earlier called Püspökváralja. On the 446 m high volcanic Keselyűbérc hill you can see the ruins of a castle built at the end of the 1200s. Today some basic walls of the castle and the ruins of a round tower can be seen. Due to its location the castle was an important fortress and an ancillary castle of Eger, now it is one of the gems of the Bükk National Park. The picturesque beauty of the village is increased by the neoclassical church built between 1840 and 1845. Szarvaskő is a popular excursion spot 10 km from Eger, it is easily accessible by car, bus or train. Going on foot take the national blue route to get to the village. The most picturesque railway line of Hungary - which is around a hundred years old - runs through two little tunnels under Vár hill.

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Eger (Szarvaskő)

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