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A village of 1,145 inhabitants, which was called Felsőszólát until 1903. It is situated 12 km north-east of Eger, between the Farkas and Préda hills, in the Bükkalja of Eger. The simple church with a Baroque tower was built in 1780, in the crypt under the church Károly Vécsey, his wife and their daughter Karolina were buried. Several mansions were built in the village, the most beautiful of which is called the Csernus-mansion built in 1773, it was later called Brezovay-mansion named after the new owner. Visitors can see the statues of Piety and St. John of Nepomuk in the village and can enjoy hunting, horse-riding or hiking and last but not least they can try the world-famous wine called Olaszrizling of Egerszólát.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Egerszólát
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