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It is situated in the south of county Somogy, along the main road No. 68 running from Nagyatád to Barcs. Near the village you can find the branch of the river Rinya, while some kilometres from the village there is a whole system of fishing lakes. Although it does not have a direct train service, it is easily accessible by bus. The neighbourhood of the village is full of natural beauties, the forests are rich in game, which is not favourable for plant production in the area. Administratively Görgeteg includes Rinyatamási, the territory of which was bought by count Aladár Széchenyi in 1890. He built a hunting-seat here, which can still be seen. The beautiful building hidden in the forest with all conveniences is frequently visited by foreign hunters. In the nice village house built in the 1990s the cultural and public programmes of the village are held. From the church hill you can see a row of old houses with decorated plaster. This is the central part of the village including the village house and the churches. The inhabitants respect their past and they look after the old houses by renewing them. The village house, where you can see an earthenware oven, the original folk furniture, the national costumes, personal belongings and other folklore relics, was built with the help of the cooperation of the inhabitants.

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