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Village with 2,500 inhabitants 5 km northeast of Gyöngyös. There is a considerable game population living in the forests of the neighbourhood. The coat of arms of the village refers to the legend of St. Hubert. The status of market town was granted to the village by King Matthias in 1461. The fact that the largest straight branched cellar of Central Europe was built here bear witness of the traditions of wine-production in the region. In the 18th century the old Haller cellar was 192 m long, 540 m by now, and the sub-branches are about 200 m. Of the stones mined here was the Roman Catholic church built next to the cellar from 1747 and 1783. On of the popular excursion places of the village is the nearby Fajzat-puszta, which was an estate of the Jesuits. The Sósrét hunting mansion is also worth visiting.

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