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Large village with 2300 inhabitants in the middle of the Tolna ridge. It is situated 40 kms from the county seat and 13 kms from the road No.. 65. It was first mentioned in documents in 1280. During the Turkish rule the village was depopulated, Germans from the county of Hessen were settled here. The settlement started to develop, it was the seat of the Simontornya district between 1891 and 1961. The secondary school was established in 1806, it is named after the writer, Lajos Tolnai, a former student. The classicist Széchenyi mansion needs to be renovated, at present it is an old peopleŚs home. The Calvinist church was built in 1777, the tower was added only in 1835. The highest Lutheran church of Transdanubia can be found in Gyönk. It was built in neo-Gothic style in 1896. The Christ King Roman Catholic church was built in 1926 with neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque ornaments. The House of Ethnic Germans , which presents the traditional personal belongings of Protestant Germans, was built in the 13th century. Since then it has been renovated several times. The collection was made by Aladár Lackner, the Lutheran dean and his family.

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