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A village with 1,810 inhabitants in the Lake Fertő region. From the 18th century its Baroque mansion was the residence of the Széchenyi family, members of the aristocracy, now it is a museum. It was the favourite dwelling place of Count István Széchenyi, the 'greatest Hungarian'. The famous, 2.6 km long alley of lime trees, planted in 1752, leads from the mansion to the grave of Béla Széchenyi and his wife. The 4 km long track of the Széchenyi Museum Railway starts from the alley. In the same place as its medieval predecessor, the Roman Catholic church, designed by Miklós Ybl, was built in Romantic style in 1864. The Széchenyi Mausoleum, a building with a neo-Classical porch (1810) and a crypt where István Széchenyi is buried, is in the cemetery next to the church.

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