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The large village of Hegyeshalom is situated along the main railway line between Vienna and Budapest, along M1 motorway, near Austria.

Its history was determined by its geographical location. It was mentioned in a document by Andrew II in 1217 under the name of Hegelshalm referring to a pointed hill. The monument Roman Catholic church built on the hill was dedicated to Virgin Mary (Sancta Maria).

In the more than 200-year-old coat of arms of the village you can see an ostrich representing royal features such as swiftness and vigilance, and the silver horse-shoe is the symbol of wealth and good luck.
Another important sight is the classicist Lutheran church dedicated in 1850.
In the south of the village you can find the 75ha lake called Bányató, in the north Lake Stettni and the Leisure Park offer sports, relaxation and entertainment facilities for children and adults.

The past and present of the large village is presented in a two-volume monography of local history (I - 1996; II - 2004). Today it has a population of 3,594.

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