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Small village with 180 inhabitants at the eastern edge of Tapolcai basin, along brook Eger, 10 km from Tapolca. Name of the village (hegyes = pointed) comes from the extinct volcano of perfect cone shape lying on the fields of the village (called Hegyesd; 281 m high). Foundations of round tower of the former fortress are visible on the top of this monadnock. The fortress was first mentioned in the documents of the chapter of Veszprém in 1282. At that time the Gyulaffy family lived therein while its last owners were the Esterházys in 1945. It was occupied by the Turkish in April 1561, and one year later the Hungarians managed to reconquer it upon heavy fights. At that time the fortress fell into ruins, and it has been continuously destroying since then. For operating the water-mills, forges and milk-farm of the Esterházy estate, Catholic settlers were brought into the village from the area of the Black Forest (Germany) at the end of the 1770s. Church of the village was built in 1991. Damming the water of brook Eger, a water-basin had been established at the eastern border of the village, today it is used as a fish-pond. Path with yellow tourist sign leads to the fortress from the village, bars and handholds help the tourists in climbing the hill. Wonderful round-view opens from the small top to the plain of Tapolcai basin and the surrounding monadnocks.

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