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Village with 3,060 inhabitants which lies in the centre of county Tolna, along main road No. 65, on the west of the Tolna Range and in the valley of Kapos.
Its historial roots go back to the Árpád times. It was first mentioned in records in 1277. The name of the village comes from Finno-Ugric, the word hölgy means weasel, ermine. In the Turkish times the desolated manor was bought by Earl Mercy, who was the governor of Temes, and he invited German craftsmen here. Hőgyész got the rank of market town in 1753. In our days apart from the agricultural businesses it is characterized by the textile-works of national importance, the urbanizated townscape, developed institutions and public services, valuable monuments.
In the main square, which has the atmosphere of a peaceful, small town, you can see beautiful old buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. On the hill behind the main square you can see the Roman Catholic church built in 1799, which was rebuilt later in eclectic style. In the Community Centre you can visit the exhibition "Székely Island" presenting the collection of the local Székely people. At 1-3 Fő street you can see a permanent exhibition presenting the past and relics of the Germans living in Hőgyész. The village used to have a high number of Jewish inhabitants, their church can still be seen in Fő street. The restored baroque mansion and the auxiliary buildings of the Lichtensteins', who were one of the former landowners of the village, await visitors as a hotel. The most important listed monument of the village is the baroque Apponyi mansion. The construction was started by the Mercy family in the 1720s. Between 1772 and 1938 the mansion belonged to the Apponyi family. After the exemplary restoration work - the four-star mansion hotel has been open since 2001 offering relaxation, as well as pleasant medicinal water and wellness services. Apart from the sights Hőgyész also offers fishing, hunting, riding and excursions to visitors.
Outstanding events: Swabian Carnival Ball, Székely Easter Sprinkling Ball, Pentecost's Maypole Dance, count Antal Apponyi Music Week (July-August), Merry-making on St. Stephen's day (20 August), the Fairground of Hőgyész, Vintage Procession (September), Evening of Preserving Traditions (November), Village Christmas (December).

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