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The Road 65 crosses the county's border line after Iregszemcse. The village was a royal estate till 1387. It was first mentioned in the articles of IV. Béla's abbey. It was resettled by Viczay Ádám after the Turkish servility. In the 18. century roman catholic and reformed schools started to work. Iregszemcse is a known place, where Bartók collected folk-songs. As Illyés Gyula noticed Bartók Béla has recorded here the one third of the Hungarian folk-songs. The Community Centre was named after him. Valuable architectural monument is the gothic gauntlet, which probably used to be the presbytery of a huge church. The redone facaded Viczay mansion's (it was built in 1820) arboretum park is nature reserve. The village's name became Iregszemcse in 27th january, 1940 and it is the united of Felsőireg and Szemcséd.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Iregszemcse
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