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A village of 1,365 inhabitants in county Tolna, near the river Sárvíz, west of main road No. 63. It was inhabited as early as the Celtic period. It was first mentioned in records in 1399; in 1529 the Hungarian Royal Crown was guarded by the keeper of the crown, Péter Perényi in the village. In memory of the royal crown 5-5 cubic feet of earth was transported from Kajdacs to Buda for the coronation hill of Franz Joseph I. in 1867, and for the coronation of Charles IV. in 1916. The village has a rich historical past. Apart from administrative institutions, there is a Telehouse, an Old people's Club, a Community Centre, a Community Stage, 1st division county football team, a Folk Dance Group Valley Lily, a Pensioners' Choir, a Calvinist Choir working in Kajdacs. Sights include the Sztankovánszky sepulchral chapel, built by Béla Nei in eclectic style in 1867 according to the plans by Miklós Ybl, the Sztankovánszky mansion and the Roman Catholic church built in Gothic style.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Kajdacs
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