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The village is situated 8 km west of Kaposvár. With its 2,600 inhabitants it is the largest settlement of the region. The valley of Kapos served as an important transport route for migrating nations from as early as the neolithic age. The history of the village goes back to the age of the Árpáds. It was first mentioned in a deed of gift by the provostship of Dömös in 1138 under the name Mérey. It was donated to the Mérey family by King Béla IV in 1246. Its dynamic development started in the 19th century: Kaposmérő was connected to the national railway line in 1872. Bernát Rotter and his son built a brick and tile factory in 1904. The local council was set up in 1950 and it was the legal successor of the notary district including Kaposújlak and Kaposszentbenedek. In 1966 Kaposújlak and in 1977 Bárdudvarnok was connected to the village. The co-operative started to work again in 1956. It is developing continuously, it has excellent infrastructure. The Elderly people´s Club is run within the framework of the Social Service Centre. The regular events of the village include the live Cable TV Show on Valentine´s day, the village day, the patronal feast on Mary´s day and the vintage procession. Sights: the Roman Catholic church with a single-nave, semi-circular sanctuary and a vestry, built in late baroque style by the Gaál family in 1785. The Calvinist church built in 1787 was renewed in 1905. In the courtyard of the Village House you can see two wooden headboards and a carved gate erected by the carving workshop on 15 March 1991 in memory of the militiamen who fought in the war of independence of 1848-49. On 20 October 1990 the monument of the heroes and victims of the two world wars was unveiled in the garden of the Catholic church. In 2006 a unique cemetery fence memorial was built by the local council with wooden headboard fence columns commemorating the great Hungarian figures known from legends and from academic history. Lajos Kassai, the world-famous riding archer, who deals with making bows, organizes shows and irregular history lessons in the valley.

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