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The Káli-basin is a pearl of the picturesque Balaton Highland. The Mediterranean landscape with unique and varied surface is surrounded by hills of various shapes. Kékkút is situated in the south-west of the peat bog of the central basin surrounded by hills. In the territory of the village ruins of Roman buildings, a villa and its farm buildings were found by archeologists. Excavation of the rich findings of the Avar cemetery has started recently. In the age of the Hungarian conquest leader Kál stayed here, whose son was the famous chieftain, Bulcsú. It is one of the smallest villages of the county with 80 inhabitants. It was first mentioned in records in 1338 under the name Kőkút, as the property of Sal comes from Atyus family. The present name, Kékkút refers to a spring or well surrounded by stones. It has become famous for its mineral water, which is transported to all parts of Hungary and abroad. Here you can find the oldest monument cottage in the Káli basin from the 13th century, a unique attraction in Transdanubia, as it has a thatched roof and an open chimney. The Roman Catholic Church was built in 1760 in Baroque style. A cultural event called Káli Days is held in the village in the middle of July, the visitors of which can return home with unforgettable experiences.

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