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The village is located by the old road connecting Veszprém and Székesfehérvár. Visitors can see a beautiful, modern village centre, which gives the appearance of a young settlement. Királyszentistván can look back upon an ancient past. According to the tradition a battle of historical significance took place in 997 in the vicinity of Sóly and Királyszentistván in which King Stephen defeated the rebellious Koppány. The ancient crowned seal with double cross also refers to the historic past of the village. The great military exercises of the monarchy was called off in 1908 on the confines of the village. Francis Joseph I., Apostolic King, also saw the parade. The village had had 'király' in its name since that time. In honour of the ancestors the village built the Saint Stephen park and organizes the Village Days on Saint Stephen's day in August. Tourism in Királyszentistván is determined by its closeness to Balaton. Lovers of silence and tranquility can reach the busy Fűzfő bay very easily.

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