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Village with 465 inhabitants in the Balaton Highland, at the eastern edge of Káli Basin. As noticeable from the view of the wealthier buildings of the village, lower nobles lived in Köveskál in the past, and the village was granted the privileges of a market town after 1828. The Catholic church (18th century) and the large Calvinist church (1769) were erected next to each other in the centre of the village. Unique sight of the village is a "stone of shame" standing up on the hill-side in front of the entrance of the Calvinist church. In olden times sinful inhabitants of the village did penance for their smaller sins standing on this stone. Town Well with a wash-house erected above it (folk monument building) flows babbling in a dip in front of the two churches. The lye, which was used for boiling the laundry, was dollied out from the tidy clothes by the women there in the running water. The medieval village 'Sóstókál' was located south of the village; by today only the church and the ruins of a nobleman's mansion remained from the former village. Blue tourist sign starting from here to the north leads to the Eötvös look-out tower in Fekete hill with a wonderful view of the whole Káli Basin. Smaller and larger explosion lakes (Lake Bika, Lake Barkas, Lake Henyei) can be visited on the basalt highland. Water of the lakes comes from the rainfall piling up on the surface, most of them are excellent places for collecting mushrooms. Sight of the village is the Mini Gallery, where art exhibitions are organized bi-weekly from May. The Collection of Local History can be visited seasonally, from May to September. Outstanding events: the Village Day in June before Peter and Paul's day and the vintage procession in September. The events are held in the large hall of the Community Centre. (It can seat more than 100 persons.) The municipality organizes a New Year's Eve ball also here.

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