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Large village with 560 inhabitants, 15 kms south-west of Zalaegerszeg in the region of 'szegek' of Göcsej. It was first mentioned as independent village in 1543 by the name of Kustátonszeg. It was named after the noble Kustáton family, who used to live here, in the course of time it was shortened to Kustán. It is the most frequent surname in the village even today. The settlement in the Göcsej hills, with its natural beauties, woody hills belong to one of the nicest landscapes of Hungary. Main attraction of Kustánszeg is the lake, which is good for recreation, fishing and bathing. The wooden belfry "with a skirt", typical of the Göcsej region, was built around 1800. Besides silence, tranquility and traditional village surroundings, which are ideal for recreation, the well-known hospitality of the people of Göcsej give unforgettable experience to the visitors.

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