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Village with 939 inhabitants in the middle of Transdanubia, on the edge of Tapolca basin, at the foot of Keszthely hills. It is surrounded by a range of volcanic hills in the east and by the road No. 84 in the direction of Sümeg. It was first mentioned in documents in 1328 by the name of Lesenche-Istvand. The village is situated at the Lesence brook, after which it was named. Its area belongs to the catchment area of Lake Balaton. Its highest point is the Kő-orra Hill (499 m). The national blue hiking path runs through this hill, it is an important connection for hikers between the two sides of the Keszthely hills. Sights: Saint James church (red marble font and organ with wooden pipes - both of them are listed monuments), the monuments of the heroes of World War I and II, the chapel on Mária hill, the statue of Holy Trinity, the Millennium park (it is under construction) and the crosses on the graves in the cemetery. Outstanding events: the Festival of the Millennium Flag-dedication, Mézga festival (display and competition of home-made tractors) , BMW meeting, Village Day and the traditional vintage procession (together with the nearby villages).

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