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Lesencetomaj is situated at the brook Lesence. It was named after Saint Stephen's brother-in-law, chieftain Tomaj. The name of the settlement was originally only Tomaj. It was first mentioned in documents in 1121 in the deed of foundation of the abbey of Almádi. The Roman Catholic church and the nearby Baroque manor-house were built by the Nedeczky family in 1752. The valuable furnishings of the church were presents from the Nedeczky family, the red marble main altar with tympanum and the font are from around 1810. The two giant mammoth trees from the beginning of the 1800s in the garden of the manor-house are protected. The Pál Szabó's thatched house is a nice relic of folk architecture from 1830. The Heroes' square can be found in the centre of the village, in its park there is a decorated plaque in honour of the heroes of World War I-II. A cemetery from the period of the great migrations (from the 6th -7th century) was excavated in the vicinity of the red cross. The findings from the cemetery have the characteristics of 'Keszthely culture' /Tapolca Museum, Balaton Múzeum/. Programmes of Lesencetomaj: in May Sports day, on the first Saturday of September vintage programme.

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