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Village with 2,115 inhabitants on the northest part of Lake Balaton. Geological places of interest on the picturesque edge of the village are the cliffs looking white from the distance. It was inhabited also in the Roman period, which has been attested by the villa and well from the Roman period excavated in Bendola valley. Its most famous sight is the Calvinist church, which was built in the first half of the 13th century. Its ogival portal carved from stone, ornamented with sculptures and plants is a unique piece of Romanesque architecture. It is also presented among the churches of Séd valley in the Tájak-Korok-Múzeumok ('Landscapes-Ages-Museums') books. The church is a stamping place of the national blue hiking path. The development of Litér is determined by its good location, the closeness of Balaton and the county seat, Veszprém. A lot of visitors come to the events of the village, which is rich in traditions and worthily proud of them. The Mogyorósi Days are the most outstanding event in the life of the village. Popular programmes are the mutton stew cooking competition around May Day and for lovers of sports the Day of orientation running for the Litér Cup. The name of the village has become known all over the country by its children art group called 'Zöldág' ('Green branch') Dance group. You can get to the railway station of Balatonalmádi on the marked hiking paths of the village.

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