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Village with 879 inhabitants at the south foot of the Mecsek. It has one of the nicest locations in Völgység. It was first mentioned in documents in 1554 by the name of Egregy, which refers to alder tree. The Maria church from the 18th century is on the Kálvária hill. The Máré castle was built in the 13th century in Gothic style on the site of a Roman watchtower. The one-time knight's castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style. Exhibitons of local and natural history are on display in the castle. There is an open-air bath with cold water in the vicinity of the castle. The Village day is held on 1st July. On the first weekend of August the Merry-making of Máré-vár is held. Sights include: the educational path of geology, the ruins of a glass-work, a Roman watch-tower, a look-out tower on Cigányhegy. In the Arnold-house you can visit the butchery museum exhibiting an original ice-chest.

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