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An especially beautiful small village with 1,900 inhabitants in the `lap' of Mátra-hills, 14 km from Gyöngyös. The old village is famous for its viniculture and wine-growing (from the 15th century), the fishing lake, its traditions and hospitality. Tourists coming from any direction are certainly impressed by the view of the lake surrounded by hills and vineyards. The 154 ha lake is ideal for fishing, boating and other water sports. Markaz is part of the Mátraalja Wine Region with its famous wines. The wood of Markaz, which is part of the Mátra Nature Reserve, is rich in rare plants and game. Hikers can choose the route of the National Blue Sign, for easier walks you can choose the route of the wine tour. The village is proud of its traditions and is rich in cultural programmes and sights. The Kiskápolna (Small Chapel) built in 1913 in neo-Baroque style, the stone crosses, the `Picture Trees' (Pictures of Mary) in the wood, the neo-Romanesque Roman Catholic church built in 1910, and several cottages all attract visitors to the village. A speciality of Markaz is the thermal-water spring, which is not frozen in winter, with a little lake and a park offering relaxation. In the southern slopes of the 460 m high Várbérc hill you can find the ruins of the Castle, probably built after the Mongol invasion, offering a beautiful view of the countryside.

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