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The village is situated 20 km north of the county seat, its railway station is in Szedres, 7 km from here. It is accessible from the east and the west on the roads No. 63 and 65. It has been populated since the beginning of the 1400s. It is the only village in the county where there is a Serbian minority. Next to the Sió bridge you can find the building of a mill - it is under reconstruction - which is the centre for water tourism. Its main sights: the port, the handicraft workshop, the iconostasis of the Orthodox church, the pulpit in the Reformed Church, Sárenác Traditional Dance Group - folklore programme. Exhibition of local history. Cellars offer programmes with wine tasting, there are opportunities for fishing, hunting, horse-riding, camping and sports. Accommodation is provided in the church camp or in private houses.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Medina
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