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The village was built on the top of a hill at the north edge of the Balaton-highlands looking on Vázsonyi-basin. It is 11 kms from the lake and 4 kms from Nagyvázsony by road. It has got a population of 280, though earlier, in the time of Joseph II, 609 inhabitants were recorded. The village is dominated by the three churches standing in the center. The oldest is the Lutheran church, which survived the Turkish invasion and became a parish church in 1721. It got its present form in 1791 when it was rebuilt in late Baroque style. The Catholic church was built at the beginning of the 1810s, the Protestant church in 1873. There is an exceptional memorial in the Lutheran churchyard, which resembles a prow. The 'galley-slave monument' commemorates the Lutheran minister of Mencshely, who was sent to the galleys by the bishop of Veszprém during the counter-reformation. The memorial was erected in 1997. On the wall of the Lutheran parsonage there is a tablet in memory of the two sons of Lajos Kossuth, who took refuge in the parsonage in 1849. The red footpath sign leads to the Kossuth brothers, which is to the south of the village on Halom-hill, and from which you can enjoy the most wonderful view of Lake Balaton from Tihany to Badacsony. Mencshely Days are held on the last weekend of July. A spectacular event of the programme is the local lace-makers' exhibition.

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