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Village with 1,180 inhabitants 15 kms east of Tapolca at the Balaton Highlands National Park. The village in the valley of Eger brook was named after the Benedictine abbey in the vicinity, which was built in the 1100s. The ruins can be seen even today. The name of the settlement was Almád at that time, it became Monostorapáthy in the time of King Matthias.There are restored Xaverisch frescoes in the Baroque Roman Catholic church, built in 1759. A monument in memory of the victims of World War I and II was erected in the churchyard in 1989. The mythical eagle of the ancient Hungarians was made by Sándor Matos, sculptor. The collection of local history can be found in a building renovated in 1993. 60 accommodations await visitors for the series of programmes called Művészetek Völgye ('the valley of arts') held between 17th and 28th July.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Monostorapáti
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