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Monoszló is situated in the eastern small basin of the Káli basin in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills. It was inhabited as early as the period of Hungarian conquest. It was first mentioned in records in 1252. At present it has 160 inhabitants. The empty houses are bought and converted into holiday homes.
Sights: the church of the village stood here at the end of the 12th, at the beginning of the 13th century. Its sizes and architectural features show that the church originally dedicated to St. Michael stood in the central part of the group of three villages formed at the time of the conquest. The layout and the gate of the church are Romanesque, the apsis of the building is Gothic and the present late-baroque form was created in 1829. In 1820s, in the course of the restoration and renewal of the building, the present-day interior of the church was formed: the organ-loft built on arches and the cope. The furnishings with the benches and the pulpit, which have been preserved by now, were made at the same time. The parish next to the church is from the 17th century. The monument church is open to the public. Near the border of the village you can find a hill of volcanic origin called Hegyestű, half of which has been mined. The Balaton Highlands National Park has established geological diplay sites in the closed mines. From the top of the hill you can enjoy a beautiful round panorama. The Forest School and Information Centre has been opened recently in the village.

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