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Village with 3,459 inhabitants 22 km west of Kaposvár on national highway No. 61. The poet Benedek Virág was born in the village, which was for a long while also the place of living of the poet and man of letters with special organizing talens Ádám Pálóczi-Horváth. The eartworks of the 15th century Koroknya castle can be seen in the fields of Nagybajom. Items from the past related to the history of the place can be seen in the local history museum named after István Sárközy. There is an open-air bath operating during the summer with 55 degree C thermal water. The wooden headboards in the Calvinist cemetery are listed monuments. The earthworks of the former Nagybajom castle can be seen there too. Professor Albert Gyergyai was born in the village, the collection commemorative of him is housed in the museum. For the enhanced protection of the 30 pairs of storks nesting here the privileged award "European village with storks" was granted to the village in 1996.

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