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Village with 1,765 inhabitants next to the southern slopes of the Villányi Mountains, 8 km from Siklós. The Harkány medicinal bath, the Máriagyűd place of pilgrimage and the Szársomlyó nature reserve are all situated in the neighbourhood. The decisive battle influencing the expulsion of the Turks took place here on 12th August, 1687. The village church, a listed monument from the 13th century, was given its baroque form in 1782, the tower was raised in 1900. In front of the church the statue of Mihály Sztárai can be seen. A Park of Statues has been made of an abandoned limestone quarry, with the works carved out and left on the spot. This is the only place in Hungary where the spring crocus can be found. Programmes attracting great interest include the horse-race and greyhound-racing in July and the concerts of the Europan Drinking Song Festival (in September) in the Calvinist church, as Nagyharsány is also a station of the Villány-Nagyharsány-Siklós wine route.

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