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Village with 1,100 inhabitants at the southern edge on Tapolca Basin, at the western foot of hill Gulács. The most outstanding sight of the landscape is this basalt hill of 393 m what is also called 'sugar-loaf' or 'Hungarian Fujijama'. There is a hiking path leading to the hilltop. A stone-mine was operated on the hill till 1961, traces of the mine are visible on the wounds of the hill. Name of the village is originated from the ancient Hungarian name 'Gula'. During the Turkish wars the village was destroyed, it was resettled in 1715.In 1720 it was already recorded as privileged village of nobility. In 1790 the names of 29 noble families were known, the Raposa, Péterffy and Edvi Illés families were related to the Belgian royal family. Only Miklós Eőry had an estate larger than 50 hectares. According to traditions Rozi Répa, the lover of Jóska Sobri, the famous outlaw, served here. Dezső Keresztury spent his childhood in the Eőry mansion, at present it is a nursery school.The church of the village was rebuilt upon the ruins of the former one in 1725. The new church was erected in neo-Classic style between 1845 and 1850. A Mindszenty memorial was dedicated in the church-yard in 1989 for the first time in the country. Because of its endowments the settlement has been the place of flourishing viticulture since the Roman times, the majority of the world-famous Badacsony wines are produced in Nemesgulács. Most of the festivals are also connected to grape-vine and wine: Wine competition on Matthias'day in February, the festival of new wine, vintage procession in October, the presentation of new wine on Márton's day in November. Living traditions are the sprinkling and green branch march at Easter and the erection of may-pole. The patronal festival is held on the second Sunday of June, the Hill day is on the first Saturday of August, the Village Day is on the first Saturday of September. A memorial day is held in honour of Dezső Keresztury on 18th May every year.

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