Village with 2,000 inhabitants 15 kms north of Paks. Two settlements from the Árpád times were united in 1953. After the Turkish rule Hard was founded by the farm labourers of the landowners Csilléry and Szluha. In 1785 when Krauts were settled here, the village adopted this name. The church, which was built in the 1980s is the new Church of Hard. Most of the inhabitants are Catholic. The stations of the Cross are specially painted. The museum presents Ferenc Staub's pictures, and the village building keeps the collection of local history. Excursions can be made in the nature reserve and it's also good for fishing, hunting and horse riding. German is spoken in the village, a special Németkér dialect still exists, and a lot of folk traditions are preserved by the locals. The House of the Regional Traditions is open to the public at 19 Ady Endre street.

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