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The village is to the north of Zánka, guarding the upper entrance of the Nivegy-valley. With its 69 inhabitants living in the houses on both sides of the steep road that leads to Nagyvázsony. It is the smallest village of the Balaton-highlands 9 kms from the lake shore and 4 kms from Nagyvázsony. In the Middle Ages it was the serf village of the chapter of Buda, that is where its name comes from. The inhabitants are Catholic, the church was built in 1839. A unique monument of the village is the washing house, which is well worth visiting. At the southern end of the village there is a spring abounding in water. They made a basin for the water and built a roof above it, so the women could wash there the clothes that had been boiled at home beforehand. There is an artist couple in the village, whose paintings can be seen in their gallery in 38 Fő Street. Budavár doesn't need a lookout, because from every house there is a wonderful view of the hills, the Nivegy-valley and the lake.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Óbudavár
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