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Village with 2,764 inhabitants in county Tolna, the northest village of the region called Sárköz, 8 km from Szekszárd. It has a long historic past. The Protestant Church was built in late-Baroque style in 1782, and it was rebuilt in eclectic style in 1897. The Roman Catholic church was dedicated in 1939. Most part of the village belongs to the Nature Conservation Area of Gemenc. The Folk Dance Group of Őcsény has been working since 1931, making the rich folk costume of Őcsény well-known. In the village you can still find representatives of traditionals crafts, e.g. lace-makers, fringe-makers, folk doll-makers, weavers, aigrette-makers, or women who thread beadings. The village has a carver, too. The famous flying days of Őcsény have been held for decades. The only permanent airport of the county can be found here. It is situated in a 200 ha territory, offering very good conditions. Őcsény attracts visitors with fishing, hunting and horse-riding facilities.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Öcsény
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