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A village in county Somogy, at the border of Somogy and Zala, in the west it is bordered by the river Dráva and Croatia. The forests surrounding the 600-year old village are the habitat for special plant and animal species in Hungary, such as beech groves, hornbeams and oak trees. Rare plants such as the dane-flower, the ulmaria and the martagon-lily can be found here. Rural tourism is developing due to the beautiful environment of the river Dráva, the dead channel of which has untouched fauna and flora: in the river you can find the rare fresh-water jelly-fish. The area is a nature conservation area, part of the Danube-Dráva National Park. The surrounding forests are especially rich in big game, hunting is co-ordinated by the hunting association. The mine lake next to the river is excellent for fishermen, who also have an association. On the top of the hill surrounding the valley of the river Dráva, you can see the St. Michael Roman Catholic Church built in the 18th century, which is a place of pilgrimage. South of the church, on the hill above the river you can find the monument of 1848 (FESZTUNG), where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the untouched forests of the National park, the islands of the river and the far-away mountains of Croatia. The village has 651 inhabitants.

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