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Village with 2,300 inhabitants 15 kms east of Veszprém (national highway No. 8). Its original name is Öskő (Ancient stone), the first syllable, according to the tradition recorded by Anonymus, preserves the name of chieftain Ösbő, the head of the Szalók family in Árpád's age. In the Middle Ages they were landowners on the eastern part of Bakony and Balaton. The second syllable is identical with the word 'kő' (stone). The Roman Catholic circular church (11-12th century) was built on the foundation of the Roman watch-tower. It is a listed monument. Its roof is covered with dome-shaped, cleft shingles. The Basa-house was built on the walls of a 15th century late-Gothic castle and served as a school in the 18th century. The huge stones of the so-called "Roman dam" of Lake Kikeri show the remains of the Roman military road, Via Magna. Antal Tasner, who was count István Széchenyi's personal secretary, was born in the village. He also administered Széchenyi's estate and he was the secretary of the Chain Bridge Society. A primary school was named after him. Village tourism, hospitality and programmes for active recreation attract many visitors who can celebrate the most important event of the village, the Days of Chieftain Ösbő together with the locals at the last weekend of June. The lakes of Csánta belonging to Öskü are excellent for fishing.

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