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Village with 1,820 inhabitants in the south of Transdanubia, near lake Balaton, on the banks of Sió. Its history dates back to the prehistoric age. The first regulation of the Sió was made by the Romans. Before Árpád´s conquest of Hungary it was inhabited by the Avars. The village got the first form of its name from the Slavs - ´Uzra´. It was first mentioned in the deed of foundation of the bishopric of Pécs in 1009. The place is famous for the first major victory of the Hungarian Honvéd (Defense) Army of 1848 against the troops of Roth and Filipovics. The former grand restaurant was the venue where Sándor Petőfi made his debut as an actor. The two-storey, rectangular castle was built by Pipo Ozoray, the Florentine commander of King Sigismund at the beginning of the 15th century. Sáfrán-kút (Saffron Well), built on Florentine examples, has also retained its medieval condition. Ozora won the first place at the competition of Flowered Villages and Towns, in the category of villages. In 1995 it was awarded the Europe prize. Since 1992 a one-week wood carving camp has been organized here every year. The works of art made in the camp are used to decorate the squares and streets of the village. Since 2003 a one-week fine arts camp has been held. The artists working here donate their graphics and paintings to the village to decorate its public institutions. The Castle of Ozora, which attracts many visitors, has been open to the public since 26 May 2001. It houses a collection presenting writer Gyula Illyés´ career and belongings, as well as a permanent exhibition of the works by painter Arany Bazsonyi.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Ozora
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