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Village with 1,200 inhabitants in Baranya county, 20 km of Mohács, along the road running to Pécsvárad. Name of the village refers to the palace (ŚpalotaŚ in Hungarian) erected there formerly, and the Slav personal name ŚBozsokŚ. In medieval times the village was an estate of the episcopate of Pécs. During the Turkish times it was depopulated, and resettled with Serbs (in the 18th century) and Germans (as from 1724). Today the number of German and Hungarian inhabitants is approximately equal. Saint Roch chapel of monument character was built in Baroque style at the end of the 18th century. The chapel in honour of the Visitation of Our Lady was erected in 1892, it is called by the local population as Chapel of Szentkút. Roman Catholic church of the village was built in 1773 in Baroque style however its high and low altars are of Rococo style (second half of the 18th century). Besides the large hall for 300 persons, a pension with ten rooms is also housed in the Village House built in 1992.

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