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Picturesque small village of 370 inhabitants on a hill above road No. 71, along an ancient (tradition says Roman) long-distance road. Wonderful view of Balaton from several points of Paloznak; as a result of the location of the village the advantages of both mountain and the beach holidays are provided. During the Turkish wars the village became impoverished, almost completely depopulated; inhabitants returned at the end of the 1600s. Entire area of vineyards around Paloznak was destroyed by the phylloxera epidemic of 1880-90. Tiny centre of the village is unique for the original, ancient atmosphere of Balaton highlands is saved there. The Catholic church of Árpád age decorated with Gothic elements, the Reformed bell cage and the former Diószegi House (currently folk house of the village) of the traditional style of folk architecture are all in the neighbourhood of each other. The square is closed by the village house fitting perfectly to the atmosphere. Historical and ethnographical exhibition can be seen in the Folk House. In summer works of folk professions (e.g. potters, wood-carvers, weavers, lace-makers) are presented in the yard. Exhibitions are held in the hall of the village house and in the St. Joseph House in church property, too. Concert series in the church (playing the new organ). Village Day in the last week-end of September (28-30 Sept.) with a spectacular vintage parade, hussar show, Sunday fiesta and ball. Major touristic advantage of Paloznak is the ancient village atmosphere of Balaton highlands currently associated with full comfort. The excellent Italian riesling of Paloznak should be tasted by all means. Starting from the church and walking along the blue route sign we can get to Sándor Endrődi look-out tower on Csákányi hill. From here red route sign goes to King's Well (Király-kút) hidden deeply in the forest. Close to Király-kút, taking the green route sign the eldest paint mine of mankind uncovered till now, the age of which is estimated 75-85 thousand years, can be reached.

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