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The village is accessible from both Balatonkenese and Balatonfűzfő. In summer there is direct bus service to Lake Balaton. An old village, first mentioned in records in 1082. Its name refers to the fact that people belonging to the Keszi tribe settled down here, and its first owner was the chapter of Veszprém. Papkeszi is famous for its zither groups. Its folk choirs have been awarded golden classification. A unique and spectacular place in the village is the ostrich and the parrot farm. The village is rich in craftsmen, from makers of individual guitars to self-educated painters. The village awaits visitors with accommodation and restaurants all year round. Besides relaxation you can visit the series of programmes called Keszi Days held at the beginning of July, with the participation of as many as 34 villages. A popular programme is the Bocskay Days in June, and the cultural meeting of the neighbouring villages called Szomszédolás.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Papkeszi
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