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Village with nearly 600 inhabitants 7 km northwest of Balatonfüred, lying in a deep, picturesque valley. The history of the development of the village is clearly shown by its structure. In the 16th-17th century there were exclusively people belonging to the nobility living in the western part of the village located above the Calvinist church, their village is known as Felsőpécsely or Nemespécsely (Upper Pécsely, Noble Pécsely). Nagypécsely located eastwards of the church was the living area of villeins at that time.

The large Calvinist church of Classicist style erected in the center of the village was built upon having a small church of the 12th century demolished there. Red sign tourist path leads from the eastern border of the village to Zádor castle, the most popular excursion place of the vicinity. The construction of the fortress was commenced in the 14th century. By today only a few walls remained from the castle built on the cone of 363 m of Derék hill.

Nice view opens to the basin and towards Tihany from the look-out tower constructed here. Zádor spring of excellent water quality wells can be found below the castle hill. The traditional programme of the village is the Meeting of Four Villages in the second half of June with various cultural and sports programmes. Another outstanding event is the four-day Village Days held in the middle of July.

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